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No Boundaries | 108-bead Mala handmade on 11:11

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Boundless & Free is the 11:11:11 (2018) portal of energy

For numerologists and meditation - My favorite number 33 which for me expresses perfection. Perfection expressed as pure, light filled harmony. I studied many years with a Master who taught me the attributes of the 11.11 energies. Spiritualists have all kinds of definitions for 11:11 but for me it represents a portal of energies "boundless & free." This energy signature is a bundle of light that will inspire the greatest renaissance that earth has ever seen.

Made with a large 'guru' bead of craggy lace agate in gorgeous hues of lavender, taupe, black and rose finished with small hematite and a gold tone charm

Note - this is not a vegan mala: Conch shell, Matte Peach Jasper and faceted "Unicorn" Agate and AAA Citrine