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Chrysanthemum Sphere

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Chrysanthemum Sphere

This is a gorgeous Black & White sphere carved from Chrysanthemum stone! Lovely pure white bursts of Chrysanthemum flowers bloom on this beautiful black sphere.

Chrysanthemum is a stone of harmony and change, encouraging one to understand the correlation between the two.

Spheres emanate wholeness, completeness, striving for excellence and balance. Spheres also enhance expansion. They tend to foster a sense of wholeness and connection with human consciousness, and can help humans tune into planetary consciousness. Spheres are feminine in orientation. Within spheres every point is a center, which resonates a spiritual feeling of home.

Measurement: 1 in. to 1.5 in.

Country of origin: China

*Polished pieces will vary from actual photograph. Each stone will be intuitively "cherry picked" for the buyer.

*Stands not included