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Earth Heart 3-piece stack | Butterscotch & moss agate, green garnet, wood bracelets

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This stack is interesting with butterscotch and moss colors...glimmers of plum, ruby and copper. I love the complex textures. Intentionally designed for warmth and grounding. Creating sanctuary in one's personal space.

8mm Butterscotch Agate - to promote truth, happiness, intelligence, good manners, prosperity and longevity. It is also thought to assist in the elimination of fear and aid in eloquent use of language.

accents of 10 mm Raw Green Garnet rondelles -Green-Garnet is restorative and liberating. It’s a growth stone that is also a powerful conduit of birth, creation, development, and renewal. It’s a powerful aid in nurturing a fledgling relationship or a new business endeavor. It will also promote a strengthened commitment to your higher purpose and spiritual growth.

12mm Wood beads - Wood warms the soul to match the heartbeat of the planet. Wood is a grounding element taking your energy roots far to the golden liquid heart of the earth.

Antique brass tone spacer beads

Gold tone bead caps