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February's Heart | 108-Bead Heart Energy Mala (vegan)

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She's gentile yet mysterious. She's fire inside of water. She's magical and this part of her is blooming eternally creating a fairy tale life built on romance with earth. It's true February's Heart is LOVE. Not because of Valentines Day. February on the Western Hemisphere is Divine. It is the mating of earth and sun, sweetness and light. The melting of water's summer memories back into the veins of life. The February that I know is a master of romance. Her breath ignites the embers of pro-creation and her heart beats with the twinkle of vast fields of starlight.

February's Heart is made with wonderful smooth, milky grey lace agate with faceted white rock Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline Quartz,

Anatomical heart shaped Ocean Jasper focal stacked on feldspar bead and golden mustard silk tassel.

Guides are:
Animals: Kingfisher & Opossum
Elements: Water and Fire
Mineral: Lace Agate & Ocean Jasper
Plant: Cloony & Tecolote Ranunculus
Celestial: Antares