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Squirrel & Acorn Forest Stack

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8mm Frosty green agate, brownie jade, pine cone colored jasper + brass totem charms of squirrel and acorn. Available individually or as 2 pieces. mix and match with other forest fairy stretch bracelets.

7" one size fits most

When squirrels prepare for the winter, they gather only what they require. This teaches us the importance of letting go/getting rid of unnecessary physical objects, and also negative beliefs, emotions and memories which limit our faith in love and abundance. We need to lighten our load, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Acorns have a deep and rich symbolism in druidry. As I've written about in other blog posts, druid literally can be translated as “oak knowledge” and the oak is a symbol of druidry. ... The acorn, as a seed, is also a symbol of growth and unlimited potential